The prospect of embarking on a new life after divorce can invoke a wide range of feelings, from wary excitement to worried anticipation. When financial concerns are part of the mix, the idea of being on one’s own can be particularly scary. Especially when one spouse has come to rely on the income and lifestyle supplied by the other. Alimony payments as determined by the court can help ensure both spouses are able to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed while married.

In Florida, courts have fairly broad latitude in determining how alimony is determined. Having an experienced divorce attorney ensures you fully understand your rights, and enables you to receive the alimony you need and deserve to continue to live the life you’re used to. The divorce attorneys at Valkenburg Law Group, P.A. will work closely with you to explain all your options and help you understand the factors that are used in determining alimony.

Factors that may affect an alimony award include how long you’ve been married, the standard of living you both enjoyed during the marriage and the financial resources to which each of you has access. In addition, the court will consider the age and mental health of both you and your spouse and determine whether one partner’s educational or career path was disrupted or delayed as a result of the marriage. The attorneys at Valkenburg Law Group, P.A. will help guide you through the alimony process, considering each of these factors and more. We will work to help you calculate the amount of alimony you will need to continue to lead your life with as little disruptions as possible.

Your attorney will also educate you about the different types of alimony available in Florida – including permanent, rehabilitative, lump sum and bridge-the-gap alimony. We will work diligently in evaluating your case to ensure that your needs are met.

Hiring a lawyer to handle your alimony proceedings is an important decision: The judgment issued by the courts can have a significant impact on your life and your livelihood. Whether you’re looking for an initial order of alimony from an ongoing or recent divorce or want to have an existing order modified, you need to have an experienced and skilled attorney who will aggressively pursue your rights. The attorneys of Valkenburg Law Group, P.A. are here to help. Contact our office today at 813-514-1058.