If you’re seeking a divorce, the single most important and valuable resource you can have is an attorney who knows the Florida divorce process inside and out. At Valkenburg Law Group P.A., our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to effectively achieve the outcome you seek. Our attorneys have the compassion and understanding to help guide you through what can be a very difficult time.

Although Florida divorce laws were written to help ensure fair and equitable settlements and streamline the divorce process, the laws are, in fact, very complex. While some Florida law firms have made significant profits touting do-it-yourself divorces, those profits have come at the considerable expense of the people they purport to serve. Especially in light of recent changes in the state’s divorce laws. Having an attorney who will effectively and aggressively represent your interests in a divorce proceeding is the best way to make sure you receive the resolution you deserve.

Florida is a “no fault” divorce state, which means neither spouse needs to prove fault in order to obtain the final divorce decree. A no-fault divorce is based on the marriage being “irretrievably broken”. That means that the marriage is beyond repair. At times couples experience problems that they are unable to resolve resulting in divorce. The no-fault process ensures the divorce proceeding moves smoothly and also helps diminish ones feelings of anger and betrayal that can accompany a divorce and which can be especially damaging for minor children.

Although the no-fault system has helped make the divorce process more efficient, Florida divorce proceedings are still based on complex and often confusing guidelines. In addition to the fair and equitable division of property, there are other issues such as child custody, child issues has its own set of guidelines by which the court will determine its final ruling. Having an experienced divorce lawyer who understands these issues and the complex guidelines they follow is essential in ensuring you receive the best outcome possible.

The attorneys and legal staff at Valkenburg Law Group, P.A. understands that every divorce case is unique. We’re dedicated to providing each of our clients with the time and attention necessary to ensure each case fairly represents every individual’s needs. We’ve handled over a hundred Florida divorce cases and we understand the difficult decisions you’re facing. Our team is committed to providing each of our clients with the support they need to begin a new life with confidence and security.

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