Because slip and fall accidents occur unexpectedly and usually during the course of a casual, everyday activity like shopping, visiting a museum or restaurant or going to a movie – or even simply while walking on a sidewalk – many individuals who experience a slip and fall injury may not realize just how serious these injuries can be. While some accidents may result in obvious physical injury, such as a fracture, many slip and fall injuries – especially those involving impact to the neck or head – may take days or even weeks to become fully realized.

Even when a slip and fall accident is recognized to have caused damage, tracking down responsible parties and obtaining the full amount of the compensation the accident victim deserves can be a long and arduous process. Many accidents occur when hazards such as poor lighting, weak or missing handrails, uneven pavement or stairs, broken or slippery walking surfaces or poorly maintained rugs or floor mats cause unsuspecting individuals to slip or trip. Landlords, lessors, business owners and municipalities that fail to adequately maintain these areas may be liable for injuries that occur due to their negligence.

Any fall can be dangerous and involve significant personal injury. Falls resulting in nerve or brain damage or damage to a limb can be especially serious and have long-lasting and life-altering effects. The costs of treating these injuries – including medical costs, time lost from work and other costs associated with a serious disability – can be significant.

A skilled personal injury attorney knows that because every slip and fall case is unique, cookie-cutter approaches will not work in pursuing compensation due. They also know there is one critical factor shared by nearly all slip and fall accidents: they all involve negligence, and the negligent parties must be held accountable for the injuries the victim sustained.

Individuals who have experienced a slip and fall accident need a lawyer who is relentless in identifying and pursuing all negligent parties to ensure accident victims receive the compensation they deserve to help make their lives whole again. The law firm of Valkenburg Law Group, P.A. has handled hundreds of personal injury and slip and fall cases in the Tampa area and beyond, and they understand the time and effort needed to ensure every responsible party is held to be fully accountable for the injury their negligence has caused.

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