Despite changes in Florida’s motorcycle laws intended to make cycling safer, the risks to motorcyclists in the Sunshine State remain significant. According to data from the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office, in 2010 motorcycle accidents resulted in nearly 7,000 injuries and 350 fatalities, accounting for 14.3% of all traffic fatalities in Florida that year. By comparison, in 2000 Florida reported 4,476 motorcycle accidents and 227 fatalities. In that decade alone, motorcycle accident fatalities increased by an alarming 54% and motorcycle accidents increased by more than 56%.

Compared to other types of traffic accidents, Florida motorcycle accidents typically are much more likely to involve significant physical injury, including fractures, paralysis, brain injury and death. While some motorcycle accidents are attributable to cyclist error, many accidents are the fault of other drivers whose negligent behavior put the motorcyclist at extreme risk for accident or injury.

Because these injuries tend to be serious, the costs associated with them – in terms of medical expenses, time lost from work and the physical and psychological effects – can be excessive and long-lasting. Motorcycle drivers and riders who are injured in accidents need to be proactive and aggressive in ensuring that they receive all of the compensation they deserve to cover monetary damages and to ensure medical care continues to be delivered for as long as necessary. In addition, in many cases accident victims are entitled to receive punitive damages for pain and suffering.

Like other businesses, the first goal for insurance companies is to protect their assets and reduce any payout amount, no matter how negligent another driver may have been in causing the accident. Without an experienced attorney skilled in aggressively representing the rights of the victim, the actual damages an accident victim receives will almost always, without exception, be far less than what is legally owed to them.

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